Wedding Flowers

Whether you are planning your big fat dream wedding or just nipping to the registry office next week, know that flowers play a big part in your wedding decor.

Choosing wedding flowers isn’t something you do every day so we are happy to hold your hand and take you down the flowery path. Wedding flowers can make such an impact on your wedding decor. It is wise to collect your thoughts and wishes. And don’t worry, we are happy to help you with any questions you have.

Tell us your wish list

Our service is entirely dedicated to what YOU want on your wedding day, so you are leading the way. Here at Rose & Mary we are ready with advice on seasonality, styling, colour palette and working within your set budget to create your wedding flowers. We have flowered hundred of weddings before so while you are only doing this once (or maybe twice) we have a ton of experience we can pass on to you.

We are happy to talk to you

Before you are ready to book your wedding flowers please come along to a free consultation where we will talk you through the options so we can make your big day not just how you imagined it, but even more amazing! Consultations are no hassle, no obligation and free of charge. We will welcome you to our studio for a coffee and a chat and show you all the options.

Due to the large volume of wedding enquiries and the time it takes us to create a personalised quote for you we do not send quotes out without a consultation first.

A consultation (or a quick chat!) can be booked by calling us on 07958293130 or drop us a line at

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What we need to know in advance

No two weddings are ever the same and its really important to us that we can provide you with the flowers for your wedding that you really want or need.

In order for us to prepare a bespoke quote for you we need as much information from you as possible. We have an enquiry form that you can request, fill in and return to us along with your Pinterest page or any images you might have. Please check first if the date of your wedding is available in case we have already been booked on your date.



Wedding flowers

How much do wedding flowers cost?

How long is a piece of string? The cost of wedding flowers hugely depends on what your wishes are. It’s hard to know as it’s probably the only time in your life that you would need our services.

Here’s a super handy guide to the cost of wedding flowers:




How do you fit your whishes in a budget

There are a lot of impressive pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, showing you beautiful wedding flowers. We can help you how to roughly calculate what those inspirational images on Pinterest would cost and how to translate that to flowers that will fit within your budget.


Wedding locations

We have a few favourite wedding venues that we like to work with. It’s always beneficial to know the layout of a venue and to know what flowers work well in what space. We always welcome a chance to work somewhere new and are always happy to organise a site visit but if you would like to know where we have flowered weddings before here is a list of wedding venues.

Colour schemes and seasons

Want Peonies in Autumn and Tulips in Summer? Then these flowers will be very hard to come by and also very expensive. If you are going to spend a substantial amount of money on flowers, our advise is to keep it seasonal. Every season has it’s own distinct flowers and colour schemes.


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