Autumn wreath

autumn wreath

I know this is more of an American tradition but there’s nothing more welcoming in these dark days then a vibrant autumn wreath on your front door.

Hydrangeas are the perfect flower for a beautiful autumn wreath. They come in a variety of colours such as blues, greens, pinks,purples and reds. The green and red hydrangea are the ones that dry up the nicest and are perfect for wreaths.

You can also add lots of other things to the autumn wreath; mini pumpkins, dried flowers, seed heads, leaves and berries. These wreaths will last well into winter and can be replaced in december by a Christmas wreath.

The flowers that work really well in these wreaths are Hydrangea, Physalis (Chinese lanterns), Rose hips, Crocosmia, Hypericum, Thistles, dried Lavender and preserved Beech leaves and coloured Eucalyptus.

Once the base is made, the wreath can be decorated with dried chillies, crab apples, mini pumpkins, seed heads and much much more!

You can order your autumn wreath at Rose&Mary, please call to discuss your colour scheme. Prices start at £60.



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