Dear Father of the Bride

Dear father of the Bride,

Thank you so much for coming to the consultation.

It’s always a surprise when the bride brings along her family but since you are going to have to finance her big day I really don’t mind.

What I do mind are the suspicious looks and the gazillion questions on why everything is so expensive.

I have travelled down to meet you, prepared some lovely images to show you and I am even willing to break down the cost (and I don’t get paid for this part!).

I am aware that the flowers I am showing you are more expensive than Tesco’s; these roses as big as a teacup are in a totally different league. (I can see that you can’t tell the difference but your daughter surely can).

I have the expertise to be able to tell you what will be in season in your colour scheme in 9 months time, I am sure the lady at the till will not be able to help you there.

I am also going to spend ages arranging them in beautiful vases. They came from a different wholesaler than the flowers so it took me a while to find those and travel there and back.

I sometimes spend as much as 10 days work on one wedding, from the consultation, quote and the mood board and all the enquiries and second consultation to getting all the flowers, vases and sundries needed.

I condition, wire and arrange the flowers  for you, pack and deliver and install them at the venue.

Then I have to come back (sometimes in the middle of the night), repack and take them all back, clean vases, sort out the rubbish, return the hired goods and a mountain of paperwork on top.

Do you work? Do you get a fair wage for all the hours you spend in your profession?

Do you have a skilled job that (sometimes) pays below the minimum wage?

I mean, if you don’t appreciate the value of a bespoke wedding florist that just “gets” exactly what your daughter wants

(She is rolling her eyes at you behind your back now btw) then by all means just pop over to the supermarket, roll up your sleeves and do it yourself!

Maybe while you are at it bakes a cake, design a dress, write the invites in your nicest hand writing etc etc etc.

I have this conversation in my head while I sit here with you, keep my chin up and smile. I travelled all the way down to see you and you didn’t even have the decency to buy me a coffee….


PS: this is a ficticious blog and luckily I have never had to deal with this in person (well sometimes only a little bit!) but it does give you an insight into the life of a small independent wedding florist.