How to hold your wedding flowers

bridal bouquet

How to hold a wedding bouquet (the correct way!)

We at R&M love a royal wedding, there seems to be a lot of them happening lately.

They adorn St George’s chapel with the most sumptuous floral arrangements and have scores of adorable little flower girls and page boys. The whole world is watching and a lot of focus is always on the dress and whoever designed, the jewellery and the understated bouquet filled with dainty flowers that are symbolic to the royal family.

Princess Eugenie, who married on Friday, looked stunning in her designer dress and beautiful emerald tiara.
Her bouquet was a trailing one by fellow Dutchie Rob van Helden completely wired with Roses, Thistles and totally unseasonal Lily of the Valley.
Now here starts the subject of this blog, how to correctly hold a wedding bouquet. Princess Eugenie had maybe skipped that lesson, her flowers were all over the place. The problem with a trailing wired bouquet is that it is not very attractive from the back or the side, she was not holding it correctly so it was sticking out like a miniature ironing board and held too high, obscuring her rather lovely dress.





The correct position for the flowers to be held is below your belly button, so brides and bridesmaids listen up:

Stand straight, rest your arms on your pelvis and hold the handle of your bouquet at the level of your bellybutton with the stems pointing towards your lady bits for a hand tied bouquet or with the stems towards your belly button for a trailing bouquet, and most important is all, don’t forget to breathe!
If that’s all too complicated just hold your bouquet on your lap, sitting or standing!

bridal bouquet

Here at rose&Mary we always ensure the bride is aware of the correct way to hold a wedding bouquet (or bridesmaids a bridesmaids bouquet)

When we finish off a wedding bouquet by ribboning the stems we always place a belly button pin at the right place.

The bride (or maid) is instructed to always please her thumbs on the belly button pin to make sure she keeps the correct holding position.

I know a lot of brides have the tendency to hold their bouquet away from their dress but that’s not a good idea. We florists make sure that there is no drippage or staining so do keep your flowers ‘close’ to your body.

Also a lot of brides hold their bouquet too high ( are they trying to hide behind the flowers?) which obscures their body too much, don’t do that, show off that gorgeous dress you are wearing!


We also instruct the men folk with a quick bottom hole instruction. Place the buttonhole with the Ivy leaf towards the body, on the left lapel with the pin starting at the back, round the stem of the buttonhole (straight angle to the stem of the buttonhole) ending round the back again.

For the ladies there is a corsage with a magnet rather than a pin so we don’t pierce that lovely fabric! (Just be aware of not getting too close to anyone with a pacemaker, these are quite strong magnets!)

The most important advise while wearing a buttonhole or corsage is to NOT HUG anyone whilst wearing it, there things are fragile and don’t hold well being squashed between 2 bodies!

Or if you must hug, and I mean we get that, please just wait until after the pictures are taken or rather try a chest bump, or side shoulder hug or just shake hands!


Your wedding should be the most fun day and it’s normal that brides get a bit carried away and often just forget about all this stuff  (or don’t even care) and don’t worry too much, just go and have the most awesome day ever! It’s just that now you know what to do!