Wedding colour schemes, and how to fit in those flowers

I have declined to do a wedding once, actually I have said no to a few wedding enquiries over the last few years and it was always for the same reason; the colour scheme.

As a florist I do love a bit of colour, in fact I can tell you quite confidently that I know more about colour than all of those brides put together.

The problem was that these brides were taking their colour scheme a bit too literally; Cadbury purple, royal blue or navy with white.

There are not a lot of those colours around in flower land  and I never use artificially coloured flowers so it isn’t easy to come up with an interesting arrangement.

Now here is a picture I have pulled of Pinterest.

How nice do the flowers look?

Now I’m sure it would look georgeous with all white or blush flowers but why be all matchy matchy?

Also there is no need for all the flowers to be the same all over the wedding. Bridesmaids can have different flowers to the bride. The venue flowers can be different to the bridal flowers. Whatever goes well with the decor of the venue doesn’t need to be incorparated in the choice of colour for the bridesmaids dresses or their flowers.









Here is a picture of flowers I did last year for the gorgeous Kate. Her bridesmaids were all wearing teal dresses. I chose to add some poppy seed heads in their bouquets (and the bottonholes) but I also packed the bouquet out with blues, whites, purples and silver foliage as well.

Kate’s bridesmaids









Here is a picture of the flowers I did for the gorgeous Helen. Her bridemaids were in either dusty pink or a periwinkle.

We spend ages talking about how to find flowers to match the dresses but in the end we went with her favourite flower, an orange gerbera, and some pale peaches and creams with lots of dangling ribbon.

Helen and her bridesmaids

So my message to the bride who chose Cadbury purple as her colour scheme;

Try some lavender shades with cream flowers or a hint of peach. Dusty blues, lilacs and silvers go really nicely if you want to stick within your Royal blue or navy scheme but please add a pop of orange to make the flowers stand out!