After the 12th night….

As we are packing away all the Christmas decorations, hoovering the needles out the carpet and promising ourselves never to eat and drink this much ever again… Let me use this blog to thank my lovely customers for the amazing response to my new Christmas range.

Everybody has a different style of Christmas decoration. Some like it traditional, some like clashing colours, minimalists, OTT people. I have catered to all styles of decorational wishes and I am relieved to know that everybody has been very pleased with their wreaths, garlands and table decorations, with all their personal wishes taken into account.

My favourites this year:

For lovely friend of mine who cooks amazing curries I have made a wreath with cinamon sticks, dried limes and dried chilli peppers. Everytime she walked through the front door she could smell the pine,spice and citrussy aromas.

For a lady who is always immaculately dressed and loves vintage shoes and handbags I made a wreath with peacock feathers, gold mini cones and midnight blue baubles.

But the best seller this year has been the natural red wreath with dried Hydrangea, red maple leaf roses, berries and dried chillies.

I’ll be turning off the Christmas wreath section on my website for a bit and it will be turned on on the first of November with a bigger and better range of Christmas decorations.

Happy New Year!

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