autumn colours

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Although at this time of year a lot of media is bombarding us with “the Christmas spirit” lets not forget that it is autumn and it is the best time of year to experiment with colour. Not just any colour, forget your pastels and whites and muted tones,

Deep deep bright colours, maroons, burned oranges, berry and wine tones.

The colours of leaves, reds, oranges and yellows are nice together but get it really dramatic by adding maroons burgundies and purples, it’s so autumnal!

Roses like Cherry Brandy and Black Baccara, Hydrangeas, Mango and Black Callas, Euphorbia, Neutons, Berries with oak leaves and Cortinus all work well together.

For all our American friends, a Happy Thanksgiving to you and the next blog will be Christmasy (promise) but we will have to wait till December