Other than all the wedding, funeral and event work going on here at Rose & Mary, the main thing we make on a day to day basis are bouquets. There is a dedicated section in our webshop with some lovely bouquets on it but as the year progresses and the seasons change, so do the flowers.

The photoshoot for the bouquets in the webshop was done in March and we are now in June. This is a great time of year for flowers. All the spring flowers are making way for the summer ones and as we say goodbye to tulips, hyacinths and gelder roses, we say hello to peonies, sweet peas and stocks. Everybody loves the fragrance of sweetpeas, stocks and peonies and they come in a lovely range of colours. Other flowers now in season are delicate blues such as nigella and scabiosa, and other lovely pastels such as snapdragon, aquilega,mint and dahlias.

In this blog I am going to show you some of the bouquets that we have made in the last week orso.