Rose&Mary’s weekly flower fix

We are now offering a weekly flower delivery to anyone within a 2 mile radius of Rose&Mary.

The weekly flower fix will be a beautifull selection of seasonal flowers and foliage selected by us delivered to your house every Fiday. You can choose the following options.

Size: there are 3 sizes available, small £10, medium £15 and large £20 (other size available on request).

Frequency: once a week, once a fortnight, once a month.

Delivery time: morning (10-12) or afternoon delivery (2-3).

The weekly flower fix also makes a lovely gift, rather than one big bunch you can send a month worth of flowers!

The weekly flower fix is easy to set up and very flexible. Just let us know for how long you want to receive your flowers by calling us on 020 8288 8939 or 07958293130.