Lock down diary

florist selfie


It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, it’s been a crazy few months but I thought it might be a good idea to tell you what life is like as a studio florist during lock down dealing with bouquet deliveries, funeral flowers and wedding postponements.

The first week of lockdown was a confusing week. All non-essential businesses had to close but internet businesses were encouraged to remain trading. This was just after Mother’s Day so it was a welcome time for a few days off. The flower market in Holland had crashed with lots of produce having to be destroyed due to not selling, it was a confusing time!

All the weddings that I had booked up to September were postponed to next year ( and sadly one cancellation). All the couples I had booked with have been absolutely brilliant and we were able to move everything to a new date in 2021 but that does mean that I am now nearly fully booked for the 2021 season so any couple looking for a 2021 date will struggle to find a date where I’m not already taken! ( although some mid-week weddings and off-season dates are still available)

My little studio is set in an old stable and is an isolated building with the nearest neighbour 500 meters away at the end of a little trading estate behind Crown Road in St Margarets so I could work in a safe environment. It’s also a 2 minutes walk from my house so I could work within the restriction that were set by the government and my lovely wholesalers were still delivering to the UK although with a smaller selection.


It was Jacqui,the funeral director I work with, that got in touch first. She had such a hard time with all the restrictions in place and the thought of not having any fresh flowers for her clients was a bit too much. I love making funeral flower arrangements so I decided to remain open for business.

My brother made me some fabulous face masks and I wear florists gloves anyway! And it was busy, busy, busy!

Lots and lots of funeral flowers were ordered, not just by Jacqui, but a few local funeral directors got in touch as well and the bouquet deliveries went through the roof! We are doing contactless deliveries for all our bouquet deliveries and that has been a great success. A lot of bouquet deliveries were celebrating some special occasions that sadly couldn’t be celebrated in person and also a lot of sympathy bouquets were send out.

We also added a range of house plants to the web shop and they are selling really well!

It wouldn’t have been safe to get any extra staff in so I did the long days on my own while the husband was at home tackling 3 lots of homeschooling. I roped my 14 yr old daughter in to help me out with conditioning of flowers and tidying up etc which was a great help. With lock down easing and other flower shops opening up the work load has eased a bit but it’s still pretty full on!

Here is a picture of Arwen modelling one of our bouquets!



I had the pleasure of doing one small lock down wedding at Pembroke lodge which was really lovely as I really miss doing weddings and events!

Pembroke Lodge