Wedding colour schemes

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Wedding colour schemes, and how to fit in those wedding flowers

(and how not to go too overboard!)

I have declined to do a wedding once, actually I have said no to a few wedding enquiries over the last few years and it was usually for the same reason; the colour scheme.

As a florist I do love a bit of colour and I am always very happy to incorporate flowers that fit into your chosen colourscheme.

The problem is that some brides were taking their colour scheme a bit too literally; Royal blue and white or Teal and Gold are hard nuts to crack in flower land.

I am a florist who takes pride in her work and puts a lot of focus on fresh and seasonal flowers. I always do my best to get the best flowers that are around and the one thing I don’t like using is artificially coloured flowers. First of all they don’t really look all that great and secondly the colour could leak or smudge all over your white dress, not good all round.So if you have chosen Royal Blue and white as a colour scheme, that’s great stuff.

blue wedding bouquet

There are lovely blue, white and cream flowers available pretty much all year round. Different shades of blue are gorgeous together, so is added foliage to soften the look. Silvery eucalyptus or Senecio are great for adding those cooler tones or what about adding a little pop of peach to accentuate the flowers.

What is not good is to stick to Royal Blue and hard stark white in flowers, or Cadbury purple and White, or red and white.

These colours are quite far apart in the colour wheel so would need a little help from a soft blue, cream of green to bring them together. (or lilac with purples and pink or peach with reds)

Think football shirts.

You might just be a huge Leicester City fan, in which case I might make an exception,

But the Royal Blue and White, Cadbury purple and white or Red and White for that matter, are hard colours with stark contrast and will not look soft and romantic in wedding flowers. It needs a mid-toned flower to hold hands with white and blue/purple/red to make the arrangement come together.

Is your man wearing a Navy blue suit? He could wear any tie he likes with it, next time you are in the City have a look around. It’s fair game combining colour accents in ties and socks.



Now here is a picture of a wedding I did last Autumn. The bridesmaids are wering navy bridesmaids dresses.

How nice do the flowers look? Now I’m sure it would look georgeous with all white or blush flowers but it doesn’t have to be all matchy matchy.

Also there is no need for all the flowers to be the same all over the wedding. Bridesmaids can have different flowers to the bride. The venue flowers can be different to the bridal flowers. Whatever goes well with the decor of the venue doesn’t need to be incorparated in the choice of colour for the bridesmaids dresses or their flowers or your wedding bouquet.

Here is a picture of flowers I did last year for the gorgeous Kate. Her bridesmaids were all wearing teal dresses. I chose to add some poppy seed heads in their bouquets (and the bottonholes) but I also packed the bouquet out with blues, whites, purples and silver foliage as well and added a pop of lime to accentuate the colours.

Teal and gold wedding bouquet

Here is the bouquet I did last week for the gorgeous Wilma. Her colour scheme was Teal and Gold. The ballroom at the bvenue had a lot of reds and coppers in their décor so it wasn’t the best choise of colours and I did tell them that Gold and Teal were not available in fresh spring flowers. We settled on very pale yellows and blues. The roses used are called Buttercup.



So my message to the bride who chose Cadbury purple as her colour scheme;

Try some lavender shades with cream flowers or a hint of peach. Dusty blues, lilacs and silvers go really nicely if you want to stick within your Royal blue or navy scheme but please add a pop of orange to make the flowers stand out!