Three Floral Gifts for Easter

Spring flowers make a lovely gift for Easter, get them delivered in West London

This year Easter might be a bit different. With the pandemic going on, we will most likely all be celebrating Easter at home. There is no better time to brighten up your home with Easter flowers, or surprise a loved one with our floral Eater gifts.

Remember the good old days when Easter was just an excuse to have time to ski down a mountain or seek out the sun somewhere far away to escape the cold days of early spring? This year we will be at home, going nowhere…. So here are some ideas for flowery Easter decorations; What about a wreath with living Narcissus bulbs, or a beautiful bouquets in soft pastel, springlike colours or a mini-spring-flowery-landscape in a apothecary vase.

Floral Easter decorations and gifts

These floral Easter decorations will surely brighten up your house. They also make a great gift to cheer up someone else’s house! As most of us cannot visit our loved ones just yet, a floral Easter gift is a great way to show your friends and family that you are thinking of them. We can deliver your floral Easter gift to Twickenham, Richmond, Teddington, Chiswick, Putney and beyond.

Easter wreath with bulbs and spring flowers

1: The spring wreath

The spring wreath is hand-made by Rose and Mary, an independent florist in St Margarets, South West London. The wreath is covered in Moss, with added Catkins, yellow Mimosa, Foliages such as Eucalyptus and Olive and real mini Daffodil bulbs and that will grow and flowers the wreath. This wreath can be hung on the front door, a garden fence, placed on an out door table or adorn a grave or remembrance garden.

Maintenance and longevity

The Spring Wreath is a living wreath, in lovely shades of green and yellow, that will grow and flower. The moss has to be kept moist, and will give off moisture to the bulbs and flowers. The wreath will last up to  tree to six weeks, depending on the weather and the exposure to wind and sunlight. You can extent the life of the Spring Wreath by lightly misting the wreath with water on a weekly basis. The wreath comes in 3 sizes:

Small with a circumference of 35-40 centimeters, Medium 45-50cm and Large 55-60cm

You can order your Spring wreath here

Easter or Spring Bouquet, flower delivery West-London

2: The Easter Bouquet

The Easter Bouquet is the perfect bunch of flowers to welcome in the Easter period. The Easter Bouquet is filled with spring flowers in soft pastel tones and contains flowers such as Snapdragon, Guelderose and Lisianthus. The flowers are mixed with seasonal foliage and bright yellow roses. The Easter Bouquet is gift wrapped and send in a water source to ensure it arrives in perfect condition to your home or the home of your loved one. This bouquet is hand-tide by Rose and Mary, an independent florist from West-London, and can be delivered in Twickenham, Richmond, Teddington, Chiswick, Putney and beyond.

Pick your colours

If you want to swap the roses for pink, peach or white ones just let us know and we can sort that out for you. Pictured is the pastel version in a Large. The Easter Bouquet is also available is a blush version with softer pastels or an all white variety. The Easter bouquet is available in four sizes S,M,L, XL and XXL (pictured is the Large). For more ideas this Easter have a look at our selection of bouquets  or call us on 07958293130 to discuss your wishes.


Narcissi terrarium

Narcissi terrarium

3: The Apothecary vase with bridal crown narcissi bulbs

This vase will make a lovely centrepiece on your dinner or garden table. It’s is also a lovely gift for your loved ones, since the vase is re-usable for bouquets, large flowers, a collection of shells or fairy lights. This lovely apothecary vase is filled with scented white Bridal Crown Narcissi, covered in moss. The Narcissi bulbs will flower inside the vase and depending on the ambient temperature will last up to 3 to 6 weeks. The Narcissi terrarium can be placed in or outdoors.

Next years surprise

The apothecary vase is 19x19cm in size and is filled with a minimum of 9 bulbs. After the Narcissi have finished flowering the bulbs can be planted in the garden to flower next year and the apocathery vase can be washed and used for flowers, other plants or decorations. We can deliver the Narcissi terrarium to Twickenham, Richmond and beyond.